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Why Choose Us

  • Real-time communication
    You will know what is going on with your rental property regardless of your location. Thanks to our online tools and technology, you’ll never feel out of touch.
  • No-stress long-distance property management
    We take the hassle and stress out of long-distance property management, allowing you to reap the rewards of property ownership without all the worries
  • Personalized service
    Personalized service and timely communication mean you always know who to talk to and you get a quick response.
  • Local expertise
    Our local knowledge and expertise ensures you get the most possible out of your rental property; we know what works, what rents and how to find the best renters.

Increase Your Rental Income


You guys are awesome in customer service.

Simin T. - 10/08/13

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Property Alliance - Better Business Bureau

Benefits to Home Owners

Our primary goal is to save you time and money, and take the hassle out of renting your property. How do we do this?

  • Rigorous tenant selection. Over 95% of tenants we place pay their rent on time, every time. Finding the right tenant who’s the right fit for your property and for your community is our highest priority.
  • No evictions. Our eviction rate is less than 1% of all leases, ensuring that you don’t have to worry about any of the time consuming, expensive hassles that accompany the eviction process.
  • Shorter vacancy times.Our properties have shorter vacancy times, which means no rental income gaps for you. In fact, the majority of properties are rented prior to the lease actually becoming available.
  • No hidden costs or fees. Absolutely no hidden costs or fees – ever!

All our licensed real estate agents in Salk Lake City UT have extensive localized knowledge and years of specialist property management experience.

Salt Lake City Property Manager

Von Bergen - Salt Lake City Property Manager

Von Bergen

Property Manager

Phone: (801) 664-4676

Von Bergen was raised in South Ogden, Utah and has always been drawn to the local community. With nearly 10 years of experience in the hospitality industry, Von’s specialty is customer relations.

Von always strives for and demonstrates the highest level of integrity and honesty in all of his work, and his recent work at a five star condo hotel has positioned him to provide tremendous value to Property Alliance’s homeowner clients and tenants.

Currently, Von resides in Salt Lake City, where he is excited to see the growth and development happening throughout the metro area. Von participates in many local activities and enjoys the relationships he has built throughout the region.

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