5 Amazing Winter Adventures in Colorado

February 26th, 2018 by Property Alliance

There’s nothing like winter in Colorado. Besides being the home to a plethora of ski resorts, Colorado has many other activities to offer winter lovers. Just bring along your sense of adventure as you check out these five amazing winter activities in Colorado!

Ice Climbing Ouray Ice Park

If you enjoy hiking and mountain climbing in the warmer months, then ice climbing in the winter in Colorado may be just for you. The Ouray Ice Park is a man-made ice climbing park that can be found in a natural gorge in the town of Ouray.

Amazing Winter Adventures in Colorado

Image: yelp.com/Andrew H.

It opened twenty years ago and has become one of the premier ice climbing attractions in the world. Starting in November, the staff begins to water down canyon walls to create the ice park. Within the park, you’ll find 15 0 manmade ice and mixed climbs so there is a variety of climbs based on your skill level.

Climbers are required to wear crampons and helmets at all times. You’ll need rope, a harness, and warm clothes as well as ice axes and anchor materials to climb. The park is free and open to the public, so you don’t have to worry about paying for admission. If you’re traveling to Ouray from the Denver area by car allow yourself a little less than six hours to get there.

Snowmobiling at Winter Park

Winter Park is home to some of the best snowmobiling trails you’ll ever find.

Amazing Winter Adventures in Colorado 2

Image: yelp.com/ E S.

Whether you’re experienced or a newbie, you’ll want to take advantage of the guided snowmobiling tours that are offered throughout Winter Park to experience Colorado’s backcountry like you never have before. There are a variety of tours, so it’s best to do your homework before heading to the Winter Park area to see which one is right for you. Each one varies in difficulty level, cost, and length. Miles and miles of beautiful scenery and fun await you no matter which one you choose. If you’re in Denver, it will take you just about an hour-and-a-half to get to Winter Park.

Dog Sledding at Mountain Mushers

Take in breathtaking scenery and make lifelong memories on a top-notch dog sledding experience at Mountain Mushers in Wolcott, Colorado.

Amazing Winter Adventures in Colorado 3

Image: yelp.com/Shay P.

This family owned and operated company trains its dogs on site and has been in business for nearly twenty years, so it knows a thing or two about dog sledding. All of the dog sledding is done on private trails, so there are no worries about snowmobilers or anyone else on the trail.

The dogs will take you on a fun and exciting ride throughout the beautiful and scenic trail. Mountain Mushers offers two tours daily, one in the morning and one in the afternoon, so be sure to make your reservations. The tour is about six miles and takes just about two hours to complete. In the middle, you’ll stop for a hot cocoa and pumpkin bread break! Mountain Mushers is located just about two hours away from the Denver area.

Ice Fishing at Chatfield Reservoir

Chatfield Reservoir is located at Chatfield State Park in Littleton, Colorado.

Amazing Winter Adventures in Colorado 4

Image: yelp.com/Andrew W.

It is one of several areas in Colorado that allows ice fishing. If you’re a fishing enthusiast in the spring and summer, you may want to try ice fishing in the winter. Before you venture to Chatfield Reservoir you’ll want to check the condition of the ice and see if it’s currently open to anglers.

As of early February this year, the only ice left at Chatfield Reservoir is located on the southern end near the South Platte River Inlet. The Colorado Division of Wildlife is constantly replenishing stock so there’s plenty of fish throughout the season.

Always be aware of weather conditions and temperatures because if it gets a little too warm the ice will not be safe for fishing. If you are venturing to Chatfield State Park the entrance is located on South Wadsworth Boulevard. If you’re traveling from the Denver area you’ll arrive at Chatfield Reservoir in under an hour.

Snowshoeing Devil’s Thumb Ranch

Devil’s Thumb Ranch is home to a variety of winter activities including snowshoeing. It contains more than 20 kilometers of marked trails, providing different trails for a range of skill levels.

Amazing Winter Adventures in Colorado 5

Image: yelp.com/Andrew W.

You can take a leisurely stroll or a more athletic walk through the trails and see all of the scenic beauty Colorado has to offer. After you walk the trails, return to Devil’s Thumb Ranch where you dine at several restaurants ranging from tavern fare to a more elaborate meal. There’s also a coffee shop if you just want something to warm you up after your time at the trails.

Don’t forget the Ranch Creek Spa that’s on site as well. This is the perfect spot to relax tired muscles from a day of snowshoeing or other activities. Book a treatment and spoil yourself! Devil’s Thumb Ranch is about an hour and a half car ride from the Denver area.

From dog sledding to snowshoeing and ice climbing, Colorado has plenty of activities available to make this a winter to remember!

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