Amazing Instagrammable Places in San Diego

March 22nd, 2016 by Property Alliance

We may be biased, but we think San Diego is one of the most beautiful cities in the world! San Diego has its share of iconic locations to photograph, so we wanted to highlight some of the best spots. Whether you’re a blogger, portrait photographer, or just an Instagram fanatic, check out this list of amazingly instagrammable spots in or near San Diego!

Coronado Beach

Hotel Del Coronado in San Diego, CA

By far one of the most beautiful places in San Diego, the beach in front of the Hotel del Coronado is a gorgeous spot to Instagram. If you walk down the beach a ways and away from the tourists, you’ll even come across some sand dunes reminiscent of the east coast.

Bonus: Visit during low tide and you might even be able to spot the remains of the S.S. Monte Carlo sticking up from the shore. Rumor has it that it was a notorious gambling ship that ran aground in the 1930’s.

Mushroom House

Mushroom House in La Jolla, CA
© Sepavo | – La Jolla Mushroom House Photo

An architectural gem, the “Mushroom House” in La Jolla was designed and built Dale Naegle in 1968, for Sam Bell of Bell’s Potato Chips. From the street the main home is fairly understated, but from the rear, standing on the beach, it’s very quickly clear why this is a totally unique.

There is an almost vertical tramway running almost 300 feet from the main house, down the cliffs above Blacks Beach, to the guest house, known as the Mushroom House. The structure, originally called the Pavilion, was built right on the beach back in 1968.

Bell had purchased a summer home overlooking the Pacific Ocean and wanted to add a guest house, but the property was situated on a 300 foot cliff, and below was an isolated beach only accessible at low tide through rugged rocks. A 300 foot tramway from the main house to the guest house was constructed first, necessary for developing access to the beach.

The Mushroom House itself stands on a concrete column 10 feet in diameter, with high concrete walls to protect against high surf, rock slides and tidal action.

Viewed from below, the Mushroom House looks almost otherworldly– like an alien spacecraft perched on the cliffs above. There are two ways to view the house to photograph it: walk along the coast up from Scripps Pier (about 10 minutes), or take the longer walk down the cliffs from the Glider Port through Blacks Beach. Make sure to go at low tide and please do not trespass.

Chicano Park and Barrio Logan

Murals at Chicano Park in San Diego, CA
Photo: Cool San Diego Sights

Located underneath the Coronado Bay Bridge, Chicano Park is an urban area completely covered in bright paintings by famed Latino muralists. Murals are painted on the pillars and sides of the freeway, and are constantly being changed by local artists who tell amazing stories through their murals.

So colorful and with loads of opportunity for creative photos, you’ll definitely inspire all your followers on Instagram with this place! In addition to photographing the fantastic art and murals, it’s also a great backdrop for portraits.

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints (Mormon Temple)
Mormon Temple - The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints in San Diego, CA

Just off of Interstate 5 in La Jolla rises the striking double spires of the temple of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Bright white and looking like something out of a fairy tale, it’s an iconic spot in San Diego and extremely instagrammable.

The exterior of the building is made of marble and stucco, and the grounds are meticulously landscaped and just gorgeous. The eastern spire is adorned by an Angel Moroni statue.

The grounds are open to the public, but not the temple. The best place to take pictures is looking up from the huge green lawn that sprawls in front of the church.

Keys Creek Lavender Fields

Keys Creek Lavender Farm near San Diego, CA

Photo: Keys Creek Lavender Farm

Keys Creek Lavender Farm is not technically in San Diego, but worth the short drive for amazingly instagrammable photos! Previously known as the Lavender Fields, Keys Creek Lavender Farm is the only certified lavender farm in San Diego, California. They are usually only open during May and June, and this is a working farm, so it is best to check their website for their schedule before driving out there.

Keys Creek Lavender Farm is situated on over 8 acres of land, growing more than two dozen varieties of lavender. They sell many lavender products, and specialize in lavender related bath and beauty products as well as lavender honey.

We guarantee you’ll feel like you’re in a Monet painting located in Provence, France!

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